Allie Wooten - The Saltz Medical Spa

Allie Wooten The Saltz Medical Spa

  • Aesthetician/Spa Attendant
  • (864) 990-4189

Allie Wooten joined The Saltz Medical Spa Internship Program in April 2017. The Intern Program allowed Alli to get a behind the scenes experience of working in a medical spa. As an intern Alli has been trained in many different jobs that are vital to keeping a large medical spa, such as The Saltz Medical Spa, operational.  Alli joined the program from a local high school technical career center, where she recently graduated with her high school diploma and license in Aesthetics. Alli’s current position as an Intern is Spa Attendant. As the Spa Attendant she helps provides guests of The Saltz Medical Spa with a 5-star experience from giving tours, offering complimentary water or wine, to making sure that the entire spa is a presentable and relaxing environment at all times. She enjoys interacting with guests on a daily basis and learning what their biggest desires from visits to the spa would be. In her spare time she enjoys doing makeup applications and spending time with family and friends.