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Makenly Bennet The Saltz Medical Spa

  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • (864) 990-4189

Makenly Bennett received his education in massage therapy and applied science at Greenville Technical College in 2012. Makenly and his family recently moved back to their hometown of Greenville after gaining valuable experience at the Omni Grove Park Inn Spa. He also used his abilities to help those with physical ailments at a medical spa in Greenville. Makenly is specialized in multiple modalities including treatment massage, deep tissue, neuromuscular, reflexology, and aromatherapy.

Makenly and his wife have been married for 3 years and in October 2016 welcomed an adorable baby boy into their family. Makenly’s first passion is his family but followed closely is his passion to help heal those in physical need. His clients know him to be very personable and have the uncanny ability to explain the root of their physical ailments. Many people claim Makenly has “the gift of healing” as his medical knowledge and intuitive hands have aided in the physical well-being of his clients.