Rejuvenate from the inside out

Studies show you that you are the age you look. The Saltz Medical Spa brings you Optimal Health and Beauty by providing comprehensive personalized medicine. We combine “cutting edge” medicine, anti aging therapies, and education that transports you to peak health, balance and being.

Our use of progressive medicine, such as Anti Aging Therapy, bio­identical hormone replacement, massage therapy, nutritional supplements, the HCG weight loss protocol, and other weight management techniques aid in healing and regenerating you from the inside out.

Our high­ quality skin care products, lasers, botox, stem cell fillers, and other non­surgical cosmetic procedures help you look your best. As you begin to heal and maintain your health inside, you will rejuvenate, become balanced, look younger, more attractive, and feel so much better.


The Saltz Medical Spa in Greenville, SC mission is simple and that is to provide comprehensive personalized medicine by using cutting edge medicine and anti­aging therapy to yield optimal health, balance, and beauty for each of our clients.

Whether it is chemical peels and facials in Greenville or just a B12 injection we want to provide you the ultimate relaxation experience in Greenville, SC.